chiara ghinolfi: executive coaching in dubai

Real People + Real Results

chiara ghinolfi: executive coaching in dubai

Real People + Real Results

1:1 coaching

Are you over-reacting or just being misunderstood?

By blending Social and Emotional Intelligence with Executive Coaching, my methods will help you develop a more holistic set of skills that allows you to:

Inspire your Team

improve your productivity

Build Stronger Relationships

Level Up your performance

be in Control and manage your emotions

From Impulsive to Persuasive,

the change is at your fingertips.

Executive Team Coaching in Dubai

performance and motivation booster for you & your team

Greater commitment from leaders

Improved business performance

Retention of key leadership talent

Increased creativity and motivation

As a leader or executive, you probably worked really hard to get where you are. But if your big dream, is paired with a bad team, your vision might crumble in front of your own eyes.

Employees feeling frustrated or over-reacting for small details, stagnant productivity and high turnover, you might be needing top-to-bottom intervention to boost the productivity, collaboration and success of your team.

My approach to Executive Coaching is also beneficial for start-ups not being able to find the motivation to continue, after initial slow progress, since it focuses on team building and leadership amongst other aspects, that help change the dynamics of the company.

The Process

how does it work?

Visible improvement areas:

Time Management

Conduct Meetings in a progressive engaging way

Identify and Correct team fraction and conflicts

Stress and Burnout management

Transition and Change Management

Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)™

For both 1:1 or team coaching, each team member will complete an online assessment, to outline the Emotional Intelligence profile.

The SEIP provides feedback on a total of 26 different competencies that fall into four broad categories:

  • Awareness of Self

  • Awareness of Others

  • Self-Management

  • Relationship Management

While traditional executive coaching methods focus on developing technical and strategic skills, my approach to Executive Coaching focuses on developing self-awareness, empathy, and social skills. As a Certified NLP trainer and Emotional Intelligence Coach, I blend these two approaches, to empower leaders and executive to become more well-rounded and effective in their roles.

“There is no separations of mind and emotions: emotions, thinking and learning, are all linked.”

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Perform at your best, sustainably.


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